Drive Mad Game's unique obstacles and thrilling stunts will put your driving talents to the test. Players need to maintain a constant speed in order to cross the finish line unharmed. At first, the large wheels on your truck will make it simple to traverse the rough terrain. However, you'll have to be extra cautious shortly because the truck is top heavy. Your vehicle's safety and functionality are both at risk if it rolls over. Since there are 100 stages in the game, you won't be stuck driving the same truck over and over again.
You'll need to demonstrate expert control skills to make use of the game's unique vehicles. You can easily move them forward using the arrow keys, but it will be a difficult to get your vehicle to the end of the level. The risk of failure is high if you do not exercise caution. You can reasonably handle the car based on the vehicle's type and the terrain. Why haven't you played this thrilling game yet?