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‘And they’re are poor guys and powerless blue collar guys who don’t take any shit from any woman, smack women around and would knock a woman’s teeth down her throat is she dared to hit him.’

These fellows are not called ‘alpha males.’

They’re called ‘wife-beating trailer trash.’

Please, for the good of humanity, stop idolising Billy Bob in Trailer No 4. He may look like a sex god to the casual eye, but if you look closely he only has three remaining teeth, and his harem of adoring subservient bedfellows tip the scale at 350 pounds apiece.

Nice Lurker Says:
May 19, 2010 at 2:50 AM
Also, Willard, paying mistresses to beat you does not make you beta.

It makes you kinky.

Because – while it may have escaped your notice – the guys in question aren’t doing this shit for anyone’s pleasure but their own.

It’s hilarious how many of you guys think anything other than caveman-style near-rape in bed makes a man beta. I’d love to see how many of you have woken up drenched in sweat and shivering in terror after a wet dream about Megan Fox pinning you to the bed and forcibly having her wicked way with you – ‘oh my god she handcuffed me in my dream, I must be beta – must go and brag online about slapping women about and fucking them up the ass to restore my terrifyingly fragile sense of alpha male hood…’