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It’s the “man as pedophile” hysteria that the feminist controlled mass media has created, (Chris Hanson, John Walsh, Law and Order: SVU, etc.). The constant drum beat of “men as perverted molestor” can’t be avoided

If you readily admit the mrm is already “controlled” by your sworn enemy and “can’t be avoided” then you are doing…what? Oh – complaining loudly to the female B&N manger. Got it. Victory or Bust by 2085.

The goal is to villianize and then disenfranchise men from society, like a slow drip; while exalting women as gloriously pure at every turn.

Sorry. Already done. Long ago. Haven’t you noticed? More complaining, and describing the predicament – now THAT will ensure victory. Not.

Don’t blame the idiotic woman at Barnes and Noble making $8.75 an hour, she’s just been indocrinated, as those weak of mind will be.

So complaining to her about her EMPLOYER who puts food on her table accomplishes…what?

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ZenCo?. January 29, 2011 at 10:07
After reading this, I’m going to my Barnes & Noble three times a week and sitting in the children’s section every time.
If I’m confronted I will hold my ground until the cops arrive. If I’m arrested and taken away in a big scene I will then sue their asses off. Big time.
It is unlawful in the US to discriminate on the basis of gender. Period.
I’ll see what happens.
This is what we all here need to do en masse and pronto.

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